Do you fantasise about being under the control of a beautiful, intellectual, dominant woman?

I am a perfectionist and take my role as a SUPERIOR GODDESS / DOMINATRIX very seriously. It does not entertain me, to do to submissives what they do not want done to them.......However, I expect all do's and don'ts ironed out before we enter my chambers and once in "mode"............Mistress R'eal is in charge and will not accept being told what to do in shape or form. A safe word is your choice, but must be discussed in ADVANCE!



There is nothing that provides me with more pleasure than training a slave.I love to hear you beg for mercy and I love having you secured under my control. My imagination is immeasurable and my Dedication to Domination all-encompassing. I adore projecting my power over my slave and I enjoy taking my time to expand them and mould you into as perfect a slave as possible.